Vinca Petersen
No System

Vinca Petersen's life is that of a modern nomad: "Different people's lives are based around different things, ours are based around music." For a couple of years she has been cruising through Europe with a group of young people in convoy, organising illegal music events and raves. She lives with her friends in old vans, buses or caravans. These young nomads are constantly searching for wasteland or abandoned buildings to set up their soundsystems and pump out loud techno. No System is a personal document of this way of life. Petersen has photographed the everyday existence of these communities. The pictures are accompanied by her diary notes and collected ephemera describing the forms of autonomy and self organisation of the "tribes", explaining that these people don't want to rebel as much as to live outside the system.
This book presents a modern form of tribal life, where young people live together with their own rules. "Welcome to our way of living"


Published by Steidl

Edited by Michael Mack

160 pages
180 colour plates
18.5 cm x 25 cm

Publication date: September 1999

ISBN 3-88243-645-X