Irina Rozovsky: some thought on 'In Plain Air'

From her studio in Athens, Georgia, Irina Rozovsky talks us through the backstories and afterlives of some of her favourite images from her new book In Plain Air, reflecting on the theatre of public life, and the role of nature in the modern city, and her ten year process of photographing Prospect Park. 

Thursday 25 March
19:00 GMT, London
15:00 EDT, New York

Running time: approx 15 mins

About In Plain Air

In Plain Air is a lyrical portrait of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park as seen through Rozovsky’s studies of its visitors, each seeking escape from the din of the city beyond. The seed of the idea for the work was planted ten years ago when Rozovsky took a small motorboat around the park’s southern lake. Floating by the tree-lined shore, she saw what first felt like a mirage — families, lovers, friends, a multitude of cultures and ethnicities, all sharing the same land and moment. The quintessential American melting pot that stretched like a panorama in this equalising space was a visible reality.

Rozovsky’s colour photographs capture the interplay between city and nature, creating a vision of the park as a democratic and nurturing public space, one where the landscape and seasons form a protean backdrop to a complex social reality.

To order copies of the book visit here