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Migrant Mother, Migrant Gender
Sally Stein

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"I contend that in close comparison with Marian icons, the reason why this photograph continues to command attention is that it is not so simple, familiar, or simply familial as it first appears.”

Dr Sally Stein reconsiders Dorothea Lange’s iconic portrait of maternity and modern emblem of family values in light of Lange’s long-overlooked ‘Padonna’ pictures and proposes that ‘Migrant Mother’ should in fact be seen as a disruptive image of women’s conflictual relation to home, and the world. Stein is an American academic and cultural theorist living in Los Angeles. The interrelated topics she most often engages concern the multiple effects of documentary imagery, the politics of gender, and the status and meaning of black and white and color imagery on our perceptions, beliefs, even actions as consumers and citizens.

D I S C O U R S E is a new series of small books in which a cultural theorist, curator or artist explores a theme, an artwork or an idea in an extended illustrated text.

Silkscreen paperback
12 x 20 cm

ISBN 978-1-912339-83-9
February 2020
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