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Mark Ruwedel

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72.5 represents the 72.5 miles that Mark Ruwedel travelled across Los Angeles between 2011-2014, following in the footsteps of friend and author Nigel Raab. His carefully planned route began at his house in Westchester and ended at the Metro station in San Bernardino; a route chosen to cross as many geographic, economic, political and cultural boundaries as possible. The views and sights we see here reflect several legacies: from Raab’s own journey, to that of LA photographer Ed Ruscha, whose photobooks provided an inspiration throughout the course of the project.

Ruwedel maps out six sections through which to navigate the book, each representing 12 miles of the journey across this metropolis. The sections vary in length, each reflecting the waxing and waning of interest as one photographer makes his way across this sprawling city.

17 x 19 cm

ISBN 978-1-912339-78-5
June 2020
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