American Roadtrip Bundle

£220.00 GBP

Hit the road in the company of some of the very best artists and travellers around, including Alec Soth, Irina Rozovsky, and Gregory Halpern, and discover the endless inspirations and contradictions of the USA.

Perfect for: beatniks, petrolheads, wanderers

This bundle includes signed editions of:

- A Field Measure Survey of American Architecture, Jeffrey Ladd (RRP £40)
- Gathered Leaves Annotated, Alec Soth (RRP £50)
- Beautiful, Still., Colby Deal (RRP £45)
- In Plain Air, Irina Rozovsky (RRP £45)
- ZZYZX, Gregory Halpern (RRP £40)
- FREE GIFT: MACK Red Tote Bag (usual RRP £10)