DISCOURSE Collection
001 - 004 (with Anniversary Tote Bag)

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For a limited time only, receive a free tote bag when you buy the first four instalments of our DISCOURSE series. This bundle includes:

  • Migrant Mother, Migrant Gender by Sally Stein [001]
  • An Interview with Lewis Baltz by Duncan Forbes [002]
  • The Parameters of Our Cage by C. Fausto Cabrera & Alec Soth [003]
  • Photography's Neoliberal Realism by Jörg Colberg [004]
+ Complimentary MACK 10 Year Anniversary tote bag (worth £10)



Migrant Mother, Migrant Gender by Sally Stein [001]
Sally Stein reconsiders Dorothea Lange’s iconic portrait of maternity and modern emblem of family values in light of Lange’s long-overlooked ‘Padonna’ pictures and proposes that ‘Migrant Mother’ should in fact be seen as a disruptive image of women’s conflictual relation to home, and the world.

An Interview with Lewis Baltz by Duncan Forbes [002]
In this never-before-published interview from 1972, Lewis Baltz makes his first considered statement about photography; a penetrating exploration of the character of his practice in which Baltz articulates his position within and against the world of photography, and comments on his intellectual heritage and professional ambition.

The Parameters of Our Cage by C. Fausto Cabrera & Alec Soth [003]
In January 2020, Alec Soth received a letter from Chris Fausto Cabrera, an inmate of the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Rush City, in which he asked the photographer to engage in a dialogue. This sparked an expansive and insightful correspondence over the following nine months which, set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter Movement and growing unrest, reaches to the heart of contemporary America.

Photography's Neoliberal Realism by Jörg Colberg [004]
Confronting the work of widely celebrated photographers Annie Leibovitz, Gregory Crewdson and Andreas Gursky, Photography’s Neoliberal Realism examines how these artists produce capitalism’s equivalent of the Soviet Union’s socialist realism by giving photographic form to widely held and rarely questioned beliefs and ideas. 


DISCOURSE is a series of small books in which a cultural theorist, curator or artist explores a theme, an artwork or an idea in an extended illustrated text. 

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