Pioneering Portraiture Collection

£150.00 GBP

Come face to face with the work of artists who innovate and revitalise the portrait form by turning their cameras on families, communities, strangers, and themselves, together offering a masterclass in the form.

Perfect for: flaneurs, historians, people persons

This collection includes:

- Street Portraits, Dawoud Bey (RRP £40)
- Deana Lawson, Peter Eleey & Eva Respini (eds.) (RRP £35)
- Family, Masahisa Fukase (RRP £45)
- MARVEL, Marvel Harris (RRP £30)
- FREE GIFT: MACK Orange 2021 Tote Bag (usual RRP £10)

EXTRA: In addition to a FREE Tote Bag, receive a £15 Gift Card* when you purchase this collection.

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