Past Events

Thursday 10 June

Once neighbours in New York, Collier Schorr and Moyra Davey meet again over Instagram Liv for an informal conversation on breaking forms and boundaries, on collaboration and community, and on their shared experiences of living in Brooklyn in the late '80s onwards.

Thursday 27 May

To celebrate the launch of The Shabbiness of Beauty by Moyra Davey & Peter Hujar, with a text by Eileen Myles, please join us for a discussion on the theme of collaboration in art and writing. Inspired by Davey’s rhyming interpolations of Hujar, a panel of artists and critics explore the capacities of writing and photography, exhibitions and books, in tribute. With Moyra Davey, Eileen Myles, Gregg Bordowitz, Aveek Sen, and Izabella Scott (chair).

Wednesday 24 February 2021

To celebrate the launch of the book and exhibition But Still, It Turns, join Paul Graham at the International Center of Photography, New York, for a virtual gallery tour, exploring the notion of 'photography from the world' via the work of nine contemporary artists who reckon with reality in all its tangle and wonder. 


Thursday 13 May 2021

Gregory Halpern and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa are artists who have used the book form to forge revelatory narratives that transcend the capabilities of the single image. In this conversation, they reflect on the role of sequence in their own and each other’s work, unpacking the formal and political dimensions of the company and chronology their images keep.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

In a wide-ranging conversation, four artists whose work appears in ‘But Still, It Turns’ temper popular fixations with product by turning their attention to process. They discuss how they go about creating images and films among the tangle of reality: embracing surprise and accident, drawing on mythologies and rejecting conventions, working in both solitude and collaboration.
Monday 10 May 2021

Paul Graham, curator of But Still, It Turns, joins writer Rebecca Bengal across New York City to discuss the genesis of the book and how it studies and was shaped by time. They reflect on distinctions between photography and film, the time-warping effects of a global pandemic, and the ways an image can slow down, crystallise, or elide time altogether.

Thursday 29 April

In this event originally staged live at The Premises Studios, Hackney, in September 2020, musician and artist Douglas Dare performs three new pieces inspired by the late April Dawn Alison, a Californian photographer who created a vast body of self-portraits as their female persona. With a discussion by Erin O’Toole, curator at SFMOMA, Michael Mack, and Robert Raths, founder of Erased Tapes. A concept by Claudine Boeglin, Dandy Vagabonds.