We are pleased to announce our submissions windows for 2024. Please see below for more information on requirements for each window. 

For all these submissions rounds we especially welcome proposals from authors whose work offers diverse perspectives or engages with subjects and ideas which may be underrepresented within mainstream publishing.

We only consider submissions received during these periods each year. Any projects submitted outside these windows will not be considered.
2024 Submissions Windows
  • 1–30 June: Visual arts books
  • 1–30 September: Text-based books
  • 1–30 November: Architecture books

About 2024 Submissions Windows

1–30 June: Visual arts books
We welcome submissions from artists, curators, and researchers for books on visual arts. This includes practitioners working with photography, film, painting, sculpture, drawing, and performance, as well as intersectional practices spanning multiple forms.
We are especially interested in artist-, research-, or curator-led books that present new stories and perspectives, uncover untold historic lineages and overlooked communities, and which engage with activism and collaboration.

1–30 September: Text-based books 
We welcome submissions for text-based books from writers working across literature, critical and art theory, politics, and broader experimental writing.
We are interested in, but not limited to, works which engage with visual arts and culture. We ask before submitting that you familiarise yourself with the variety of different text-based books we publish, from essay collections to our DISCOURSE series. 

1–30 November: Architecture books
We welcome submissions from emerging and established architects, practices, and theorists for projects that engage with the particular possibilities of the book form. We are seeking proposals which add to contemporary or historical discourses on architecture across topics including construction, urbanism, housing, infrastructure, ecology, theory, and the many other subjects and disciplines with which architecture overlaps.

Our publishing programme is determined by our editorial board:
Liv Constable-Maxwell
Morgan Crowcroft-Brown
Jess Gough
Michael Mack
Louis Rogers

Our architecture publishing programme is additionally overseen by Pamela Johnston and Eliot Haworth.


We accept submissions sent in the form of low res digital pdfs, word manuscripts, and physical book dummies. Alongside your submission we ask that you send a completed submissions form, which you can download here

Submissions in the form of WeTransfer or other download links will not be considered. Submissions which do not include the accompanying submissions form will also not be considered.

Owing to the large number of submissions we receive, unfortunately we can only respond to those projects we are keen to learn more about. Please accept our apologies for this. We will respond to projects we are interested in within three months of the submission window closing.

Please send submissions to:

If you require assistance or have any further questions, please email with the subject line “Query: submission.” We will respond to queries as soon as we are able.