Forests and Fields (Wald und Wiesen) / Collier Schorr Bundle

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Collier Schorr's Forests and Fields is a suite of artist's books which upends traditional notions of category to create different points of view. Combining the overlapping roles of war photographer, traveling portraitist, anthropologist and family historian, Schorr narrates interwoven stories of memory, nationalism, war, emigration and family. Each publication, intrinsically about book-making, is part diary, photo annual, palimpsest, and scrapbook, and presents a process which constantly expands and contradicts the artist's oeuvre through re-edits of the work. This bundle includes:

Neighbours Nachbarn (£125)

In the first volume of Forests and Fields, Collier Schorr introduces us to Schwabish Gmund, compiling a documentary and fictional portrait of a small town inhabited by historical apparitions.

Blumen (£150)
Blumen explores the details of life in the southern German town of Schwabish Gmund through discovered or created arrangements involving flowers, furniture, signage, and townspeople.

August (£40)
August investigates identification, fetishisation, and critique of history through referentially layered portraits by renowned photographic artist Collier Schorr.


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