‘We flare at every end’: ‘backwoods’ by D'Angelo Lovell Williams


break up with your ***friend
he ain’t a nigga.
i’m the nigga you see
when the lights go out
flame sparked spectrum,
We flare at every end.
excise me in a bed of no making.
you are the longest yard.
i am a mile unraveled.
still you throb at my slightest extension.
reflections of nothing in tension.
the seed i give won’t hurt next time.
aside of you is my place of rest.
bring me pain that makes me feel Better
while i lay with you.
as i bottom feed,
no better joy comes to taste.
i’d rather be a catfish than a mermaid
because the catfish is real.
eat me slowly because you love me.
deeper than Crater.
wider than Mead.
braised as the backest woods.
plump as plums on Granny’s trees.
busty and Lemon squeezed.
my record of divine time is hanging on your walls.
you like to swallow whole but take time in me.
friesian in stride. stallion’s stallion.
more fearful than i thought you’d be.
running wild through passion pit pastures.
sing me a song in your Berry voice.
tender and sweeter at the bridge.
drawers pulled down to get back
home in nest of you.
say my name and I blacklight
you spread my thighs around your waist.
our tongues war incognito.
like the floating wet lotus of the Nile’s fertile ground,
burying you was never an option.

dlw, 2022


Published in Contact High (2022) by D'Angelo Lovell Williams

Embossed hardcover with tipped-in image
May 2022
€40 £35 $50

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The signed edition includes an extra image plate signed by the artist and glued into the inside back cover.

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