Past Events

Friday 17 September

Join Jeffrey Ladd and Michael Mack as they discuss the extensive process of research, curation, and design behind Ladd's new book A Field Measure Survey of American Architecture. As well as discussing the book's evolution, they will reflect on the social and political moment to which it responds and the suggestions it makes about the multiple meanings of images.

Thursday 19 August

To celebrate the release of her new book Who Is Changed and Who Is Dead, Ahndraya Parlato meets artist Charlie Engman in New York City to discuss the ways their work explores the conditions and contradictions of motherhood and childhood through wide-ranging photographic techniques and material forms.

Thursday 12 August

Join Bertien van Manen and editor and designer Hans Gremmen as they reflect on the process of creating Van Manen’s new book Archive, drawing on five decades of work made across the world. As they recall the project’s challenges and surprises, they discuss travel, autobiography, and the long lives of images.

Thursday 29 July

On a summer afternoon in Ronta, Guido Guidi takes us on an expansive tour of his vast and multifarious library, encompassing books of photography, painting, literature, and philosophy. Along the way, he highlights some of the thinkers and artists across disciplines who have influenced his craft. 

Tuesday 27 July

Home represents something slightly different depending on the individual. For some, it’s a geographical location one feels safe, while for others, the word triggers more loaded thoughts – thoughts of cultural identity, belonging and heritage. At July’s Nicer Tuesdays, hosted by It's Nice That, Jamie Hawkesworth who will tell us about his 13 year-long journey trekking the length of the British Isles to document his home country.