Past Events

Friday 13 – Sunday 15 May

Come and visit us at Offprint, London, for the chance to take a first look at some of our new and upcoming titles in the Tate Modern’s historic Turbine Hall.

Thursday 24 February

Join Jess T. Dugan and curator and writer Charlotte Cotton as they disucss Dugan's new book Look at me like you love me. They explore Dugan's unique process of slow collaboration with their sitters, and the absorbing and complex portraits this produces, as well as the meditations on life, love, and loss that percolate through the book.

Thursday 17 February

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the passing of Luigi Ghirri, we are dleighted to present a special one-time screening of The World of Luigi Ghirri (Il Mondo di Luigi Ghirri), a documentary exploring Ghirri's transformative way of seeing the world made by his friend and collaborator Gianni Celati, who died January 2022. 

Thursday 17 February

Join Teju Cole as he speaks to J. Sybylla Smith about his latest book, Golden Apple of the Sun, an intricately layered meditation on food, pain, intimacy, domesticity, history, and aesthetics. They will discuss the still-life tradition which Cole explores and builds upon, as well as the visual and textual strategies that comprise this unique publication.

Thursday 3 February

Watch back CAConrad's inspiring workshop exploring how cultivating our imaginations with a daily creative practice can enlighten and improve our lives. CAConrad uses their (Soma)tic Poetry Rituals as a guide to help us see the creative viability in everything around us. This workshop was held to celebrate the release of CAConrad's new collaborative book with Adam Broomberg and Gersande Spelsberg, Glitter in My Wounds.

Thursday 17 March

Join Gerry Johansson from Landskrona Foto, Sweden, as he installs his new solo exhibtion 'Gerry Johansson: The Books', for an introduction for his latest inimitable landscape study, Spanish Summer. Johansson discusses the process of making the work over two trips separated by two decades, and its relation to the many years of meticulous exploration, photography, and book-making celebrated in the exhibition.

Thursday 3 March

Carla Liesching joins artist and educator Pablo Lerma and writer and photographer Kelsey Sucena for a discussion of her new book, Good Hope. They explore the book's visual and textual strategies, from the sourcing and sequencing of found materials to its branching extensions in sculpture and installation, as well as the issues of racial justice and decolonial activism raised by its interrogation of colonialism past and present.