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Aaron Schuman on SLANT

Thursday 28 May
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, New York

Join Aaron Schuman for a talk about his book SLANT: his inspirations and influences - from Emily Dickinson to Paul Strand - the intricate relationship between text and image, and a series of unusual crimes that took place in Amherst, Massachusetts. 




Vanessa Winship Bookshelf Tour

Thursday 21 May
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, New York

Join photographer Vanessa Winship for a tour of her extensive book collection (filmed by photographer George Georgiou): from old classics to recently published favourites, she takes us through the photographs and artists that have most resonated with her over the years.

Running time: approx 25 minutes

For a list of titles and texts mentioned, see here

Recent titles from Vanessa Winship:



Brad Feuerhelm on Dein Kampf 
in partnership with Bildband Berlin 

Sunday 17 May
17:00 BST, London
12:00 EDT, New York

Join artist and writer Brad Feuerhelm for an intimate read-through of his book Dein Kampf: taking us on a page-by-page tour of his photographic influences, historical references, design, and the wide book-making process.

Running time: approx 30 minutes

About the book:
From its title to its formal arrangement of language, Brad Feuerhelm’s Dein Kampf suggests a commentary on our cyclical anxieties about ideology. Anxiety is implicit in his photographs and Berlin is their natural backdrop, being a city in which several ideologies collided in the twentieth century. The city exemplifies the quagmire of possibilities in which the tensions of historical narrative and contemporary political and ideological doubt are played out in visual motifs throughout the landscape. 

Fragments of the past and symbols of capitalist modernity underpin the work–banks, insurance companies and people as effigies of citizens appear as a cloaking miasma, the spectre of past, present and no future. The schema of the glitch and the appropriation methods in Feuerhelm’s work are subtle enquiries into the contemporary conditions of fear and confusion. Loose associations about changing futures under technology, religion, immigration and the future of the photographic image also loom large. Dein Kampf is Feuerhelm’s proposition about how we activate image and ideology in the book form.

Hardback with silkscreen printed cover
Includes text by Ulrich Baer
28 x 21.5 cm
€35 £30 $40

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Richard Mosse: 'INCOMING' talk and film screening
in partnership with SFMOMA, Barbican Centre, Carlier Gebauer and Help Refugees. Donate to Help Refugees' Coronovirus emergency appeal here.

Thursday 14 May
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, New York

Join artist Richard Mosse for a talk and screening of extracts from his critically-acclaimed film 'INCOMING', which documents the ongoing struggles of refugees and migrants across Europe in a vivid, harrowing work created using a military grade heat-map camera. 


About the book:
At a moment when the world is facing the world’s largest refugee and migration crisis since the Second World War, Incoming by Irish artist and Deutsche Börse Photography Prize winner Richard Mosse deals with the major humanitarian and political plight of our time, the displacement of millions due to war, persecution and climate change. With illuminating texts by Mosse and the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, the 576-page book combines film stills from the artist’s latest video work made in collaboration with electronic composer Ben Frost and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten – a haunting and searing multi-channel film installation, accompanied by a visceral soundtrack. Journeys made by refugees and migrants across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe are captured with a new weapons-grade surveillance technology that can detect the human body from 30.3km. Blind to skin colour, this camera technology registers only the contours of relative heat difference within a given scene, foregrounding the fragile human body’s struggle for survival in hostile environments.

OTA-bound softback with metallic silkscreened cover and black painted edges
17.5 x 19.7 cm
€40 £35 $45

Available for purchase here

Want to learn more about INCOMING? You can listen to a podcast of Richard Mosse in conversation with Anthony Downey, which originally took place at the Barbican in 2017. 



David Campany on 'A Handful of Dust'
in partnership with LE BAL and Ryerson Image Centre 

Sunday 10 May
17:00 BST, London
12:00 EDT, New York

Join writer and curator David Campany as he discusses A Handful of Dust, which takes a photograph signed by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp as the starting point for a radical and ambitious history of the last century. 

About the book:

a Handful of Dust is David Campany’s speculative history of the last century, and a visual journey through some of its unlikeliest imagery. Let’s suppose the modern era begins in October of 1922. A little French avant-garde journal publishes a photograph of a sheet of glass covered in dust. The photographer is Man Ray, the glass is by Marcel Duchamp. At first they called it a view from an aeroplane. Then they called it Dust Breeding. It’s abstract, it’s realist. It’s an artwork, it’s a document. It’s revolting and compelling. Cameras must be kept away from dust but they find it highly photogenic. At the same time, a little English journal publishes TS Eliot’s poem The Waste Land. “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

And what if dust is really the key to the intervening years? Why do we dislike it? Is it cosmic? We are stardust, after all. Is it domestic? Inevitable and unruly, dust is the enemy of the modern order, its repressed other, its nemesis. But it has a story to tell from the other side.

Campany’s connections range far and wide, from aerial reconnaissance and the American dustbowl to Mussolini’s final car journey and the wars in Iraq. a Handful of Dust will accompany Campany’s exhibition of the same name, first curated for Le Bal, Paris (16 October 2015 – 17 January 2016) and which has since toured to Whitechapel Gallery, London, Pratt Institute, New York, California Museum of PhotographyPolygon Gallery, Vancouver, and Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto. The exhibition includes works by Man Ray, John Divola, Sophie Ristelhueber, Mona Kuhn, Gerhard Richter, Xavier Ribas, Nick Waplington, Jeff Wall and many others, alongside anonymous press photos, postcards, magazine spreads and movies.

Two paperback books
20 x 24 cm
€35 £30 $40

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Maja Daniels talk and film screening

Sunday 3 May
17:00 BST, London
12:00 EDT, New York

Join Maja Daniels for a talk and film screening about her project Elf Dalia, which takes us through the myths and mysteries surrounding a remote valley in northern Sweden, spanning witchcraft, Old Norse, and an intriguing 19th Century photographer and inventor who lived there. 

With an exclusive extract from Maja Daniels’ film 'In my Head,’ a collaboration with sound artist Jonathan Maurice.

Running time:  20 minutes 


About the book:
“If you follow the river north from Mora, you will reach a community with a dark, insular spirit”. Embedded in this historical enigma of a place and its people, Elf Dalia by Maja Daniels weaves together a narrative born out of the Swedish valley of Älvdalen. Daniels combines photographs taken from 2011 to 2017 with curious pictures from an archive amassed by a man named Tenn Lars Persson (1878 –1938), a local inventor, mechanic and photographer. These two artists come together across centuries to create a coherent narrative; in doing so, Elf Dalia naturally draws attention to possible fictions of documentary photography. Layered with the relics of this remote region, which to this day speaks the near-extinct ancient language of Elfdalian, this book explores how the myth and ritual of its past is compromised by contemporary living.

The region’s geographical isolation, delineated by forest, mountains and lakes, sits at the core of Daniels’ and Persson’s work. A snow-covered landscape creates an eerie setting that calls to mind the witch trials that originated in the region in 1668. Persson’s early photographic experimentation results in strange, uncanny photographs: in one, two men seem to hover mid air, in another, two women sit together on a crescent moon. Woven within these works, Daniels photographs preside in a similar territory, spanning the mystical and vernacular with a kindred symbolic language. Like Persson, she depicts the day-to-day life of this community: in their homes, by the lake, with their families. Yet emerging from this sense of the community are portraits illustrating a younger generation as it tries to negotiate the friction between tradition and modernity in Älvdalen. In Elf Dalia, Daniels enters into dialogue with Persson in order to reinforce the community’s unique eccentricity and to question when an historical continuity and pride becomes insularity, when rituals of myth and storytelling might evoke a dark spirit.

OTA bound paperback with flaps
22 x 29 cm

Available for purchase here



Ron Jude Book & Record Tour

Thursday 30 April
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, 
New York

Join Ron Jude at his home in Eugene, Oregon, for a talk about some books and records that have influenced his life and artistic practice over the years.

Running time: 15 minutes


Recent titles from Ron Jude:



Lou Stoppard on Shirley Baker
in partnership with Village Books

Thursday 23 April
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, New York

Join writer, editor and curator Lou Stoppard as she talks about the life and work of Shirley Baker, whose photographs document the rapid economic and social change of the 1950s onwards with a uniquely compassionate and humorous eye, spanning the UK, France, Japan, the US, and beyond.

Running time: 25 minutes 


About the book:
Shirley Baker developed her first photograph as a young girl from the darkness of the coal shed in her hometown of Salford, Northwest England. From this moment, she developed a lifelong interest in documentary photography, amounting to a vast and celebrated archival collection that spans the length of her career, dating from the 1950s until 2000. Edited by Lou Stoppard, this book presents an extensive–and, uniquely, female–depiction of post-war life; an eccentric survey which combines her better-known street photographs of Manchester, Salford and Blackpool with previously unseen photographs that span the UK, all the way to the South of France, Italy and Japan. Instances of humour abound in the collection, casting a spotlight on the idiosyncrasies of British identity: a high street shopper cocks his head echoing the mannequin behind him, an older woman with cigarette-wrinkled lips looks into the lens with an almost comic stoicism, children play, mimicking adults. The changing landscapes, fashions, photographic styles and tones that make up the sequence are woven together by Baker’s singular attentiveness to moments of wit and warmth in daily life.

Embossed hardcover
23 x 24 cm
€40 £35 $45

For UK customers, the book is available to purchase via Village Books
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Alec Soth Bookshelf Tour
in partnership with Micamera

Thursday 16 April
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, New York 

Join us for a live tour of Alec Soth’s personal library, in which he reflects on how books have always influenced his way of thinking about photography, the books he is currently reading, and the types of books he is drawn to and collects.

Running time: 30 minutes 

For customers in Italy, select titles and special editions available to purchase from Micamera

Recent titles from Alec Soth 



新しい肌 / NEW SKIN

Sunday 12 April 2020
17:00 BST, London
12:00 EDT, New York

Join us for a live viewing of Mayumi Hosokura’s film 'NEW SKIN #25 ttt', screening in collaboration with The LOVE Magazine. 'NEW SKIN', which launches alongside Hosokura’s new book of the same name, draws on feminist theory to anticipate the future of the body in a time of advancing digital technology.

Running time: 7 minutes 

About the book:
Deeply affected by Donna Haraway’s writing, NEW SKIN is Mayumi Hosokura’s proposition for a new way of thinking about identity, the body and desire. Its origin is one single, large-scale digital collage which Hosokura created using clippings from old gay magazines, statues, and found selfies, together with her own photographs — specifically choosing to use images of male figures only. Subsequently cut into 12 separate pieces the resulting fragments blur the boundaries between man and woman, human and animal, living and non-living beings; hybrid works that reimagine what it means to be human and which unsettle social conventions of desire. Drawing on feminist theory and current technological innovations, NEW SKIN anticipates the future of the body in a time of advancing digital and bio-technologies. 

Paperback with Japanese fold, printed with metallic inks
30 x 30 cm
€40 £35 $45

Available for purchase here
For customers in Japan & Asia, copies available to purchase from twelvebooks



Paul Graham Bookshelf Tour

Wednesday 1 April 2020
19:00 BST, London
14:00 EDT, New York

We are live from Paul Graham’s apartment in New York for an exclusive tour of his extensive (and colour coded!) book collection. Join us for reading inspiration, together with thoughts and musings from one of photography’s best-loved artists.

Running time: 15 minutes

Recent titles from Paul Graham


 Featured MACK titles:



Jason Fulford on Picture Summer on Kodak Film

Thursday 26 March 19:00 GMT, London - in partnership with Foyles
Friday 27 March 19:00 EDT, New York - in partnership with Dashwood Books
Saturday 28 March 19:00 JST, Tokyo - in partnership with twelvebooks

Join us for the first of our MACK LIVE series, where Jason Fulford walks us through the back-stories and hidden meanings of his brand new book, Picture Summer on Kodak Film. In this live visual presentation, Fulford guides us through an intimate flip-through of the book and speaks about the inspiration, asides and philosophical anecdotes behind his photographs. This unique lecture offers a playful and insightful parallel narrative to the book.
Running time: 30 minutes

Music credits:
Little David - Goodbye World, Goodbye 
Gene Maltais - The Raging Sea
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee - Shortnin’ Bread
Nite-Caps - Poinciana
Olivia Newton John - Magic
Sun Ra - Neptune

About the book:
In Picture Summer on Kodak Film, a poem by two sisters echoes across Fulford’s photographs, comprised of recurring motifs: time, test strips, refracted light, rainbow colour, and distortion through shadows. Characters and places are repeated in kaleidoscopic compositions throughout this vivid sequence. Though taken across the world (in Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, USA and Vietnam), these photographs come together to create a singular visual language: one bright, timeless, fictional place. A place imbued with the unexpected beauty, humor and meaning, that one has come to expect from Jason Fulford.

Buckram hardback

21.5 x 28 cm, 112 pages 

€40 £35 $45
For customers in Japan & Asia, copies available to purchase from twelvebooks

For customers in the US, copies available to purchase from Dashwood Books
For all other customers, purchase here

Special Edition available here