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Jason Fulford on Picture Summer on Kodak Film 

Thursday 26 March 19:00 GMT, London - in partnership with Foyles
Friday 27 March 19:00 EDT, New York - in partnership with Dashwood Books
Saturday 28 March 19:00 JST, Tokyo - in partnership with twelvebooks

Join us for the first of our MACK LIVE series, where Jason Fulford walks us through the back-stories and hidden meanings of his brand new book, Picture Summer on Kodak Film. In this live visual presentation, Fulford guides us through an intimate flip-through of the book and speaks about the inspiration, asides and philosophical anecdotes behind his photographs. This unique lecture offers a playful and insightful parallel narrative to the book.
Running time: 30 minutes


About the book:
In Picture Summer on Kodak Film, a poem by two sisters echoes across Fulford’s photographs, comprised of recurring motifs: time, test strips, refracted light, rainbow colour, and distortion through shadows. Characters and places are repeated in kaleidoscopic compositions throughout this vivid sequence. Though taken across the world (in Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, Thailand, USA and Vietnam), these photographs come together to create a singular visual language: one bright, timeless, fictional place. A place imbued with the unexpected beauty, humor and meaning, that one has come to expect from Jason Fulford.


Buckram hardback

21.5 x 28 cm, 112 pages 

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