Past Events

Thursday 8 February

Join Material Cultures founders Paloma Gormley, Summer Islam and George Massoud for a discussion about their recent work, including the creation of an arts centre in a disused office building in Lewes and the reinvention of the former council plant nurseries at Wolves Lane, Haringey.

Tuesday 9 January

Jim Goldberg will be in conversation with curator Lisa Sutcliffe of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to celebrate the publication of Coming and Going, a unique work of autobiography in which history, memory and imagination collide to reflect upon the bittersweet realities of individual life. The event will include a book signing.

Thursday 1 February

For more than two decades, Alessandra Sanguinetti has been photographing the lives of Guillermina and Belinda, two cousins living in rural Argentina, as they move through childhood and youth toward womanhood. Join Alessandra Sanguinetti in conversation with Guillermina Aranciaga and Belinda Stutz to discuss their intimate collaboration and celebrated photo series The Adventures of Guille and Belinda.