MACK LIVE: Guido Guidi: a tour of my bookshelves

On a summer afternoon in Ronta, Guido Guidi takes us on an expansive tour of his vast and multifarious library, encompassing books of photography, painting, literature, and philosophy. Along the way, he highlights some of the thinkers and artists across disciplines who have influenced his craft. This event celebrates the launch of Guidi's new book Cinque viaggi (1990-98).

Running time: approx 1 hour 40 mins.

Video: Marlon Sartore
Assistant: Nicole Marchi

Thursday 29 July

18:00 BST, London
19:00 CEST, Roma
13:00 EDT, New York

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About Cinque viaggi (1990-98)

Between 1990 and 1998, Guido Guidi made five separate trips to Milan and its surrounding areas. Cinque viaggi brings together the photographs made there, forming an investigation of one city and its peripheries in the throes of economic and social transformation. As the sequence follows the canal from out in the suburbs toward the city centre, Guidi's attention and visual language moves from the vernacular to the metropolitan, from wider horizontal views to vertical ‘cuts’ in the urban fabric. Along the way, he also encounters passers-by whose loose citizenship coheres the urban sprawl. Comprised of 110 works in a large-format volume, Cinque viaggi offers an arrestingly subtle view of Italy's recent past and a rumination on its future.

Find out more and order copies here.

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