Stephen Shore in conversation with Jack Self

Stephen Shore joins architect and author Jack Self to discuss Steel Town, Shore’s revelatory document of the American Rust Belt in 1977. They discuss the turbulent historical moment the project depicts as well as the history of Shore’s own process and photography’s capacity for illuminating our past, present, and future.

Monday 14 June: UK Screening, 18:00 BST London.
In partnership with Village Books (London), The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop (London)

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Tuesday 15 June: Europe Screening (French subtitles), 18:00 CEST Paris
In partnership with Micamera (Milan), Dispara (Pontevedra), Fragment (Copenhagen), Tronsmo (Oslo), Artazart (Paris), 0fr (Paris), La Nouvelle Chambre Claire (Paris), L'Ascenseur Végétal (Bordeaux), Le Plac'Art Photo (Paris), Picto La Comète (Paris), La librairie Quai des Brumes (Strasbourg), Librairie Sans Titre (Paris), Le Révélateur Phocéen (Marseille), Kominek (Berlin)
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Wednesday 16 June: Asia & Australia Screening (Japanese subtitles), 18:00 JST Tokyo / 19:00 AEST Sydney / 14:30 IST Delhi
In partnership with Perimeter Books (Melbourne), Ao-Hata (Fukuoka), Book and Sons (Tokyo), Book Obscura (Tokyo), Books and Prints (Shizuoka), Daikanyama T-Site (Tokyo), Ginza T-Site (Tokyo), On Reading (Aichi), Shelf (Tokyo), Twelvebooks (Tokyo), Umeda Tsutaya Books (Osaka), Aoyama Book Center (Tokyo), C7C (Aichi).

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Thursday 17 June: USA Screening, 18:00 EDT New York / 15:00 PDT Los Angeles
In partnership with Arcana Books (Culver City, CA)
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About Steel Town

In 1977, Stephen Shore travelled across New York state, Pennsylvania, and eastern Ohio – an area in the midst of industrial decline that would eventually be known as the Rust Belt. Shore met steelworkers who had been thrown out of work by plant closures and photographed their suddenly fragile world: deserted factories, lonely bars, dwindling high streets, and lovingly decorated homes. Across these images, a prosperous middle America is seen teetering on the precipice of disastrous decline.

With a text by Helen C. Epstein, author, translator and professor of human rights and public health. 

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